Raw Cacao

Raw cacao has been a great teacher, handmaiden and friend to me these past 3 years. I was in the early months of pregnancy when I initiated into working with it and remember feeling a strong connection to myself. It was something I deeply craved as I had a difficult time catching up with my decision to become a mother. I now know that this decision had already been made long ago and I needed help wading through my own resistance to dying to my life as it had been so far and jumping into the fires of transformation!


Cacao was of immense benefit. It allowed the softening and opening (kinda like what I needed in order to birth my son) for the birthing of my self.

I have been in work and play with this medicine ever since then and have received so much. ~ I have found this to be a great facilitator for grounding in the body, something many of us are in desperate need of. For allowing sensation and sensuality. For actually enjoying what it feels like to feel good in our body! That is such a great feeling, and one so often riddled with shame, discomfort, diappointment.


Cacao not only brings us back down into the body and what it feels but is also one of the most nutritious foods nature has to offer. It is the best source of magnesium that can be found in natural unprocessed food.

Magnesium as a mineral is one of the nutrients that people living in Western society are most deficient in, and it is one that is absolutely necessary for healthy function and balance of all of our systems.

‘Magnesium supports the heart, increses brainpower, causes strong peristalsis (bowel movements), relaxes menstrual cramping, relaxes muscles, increases flexibility, helps build strong bones and increases alkalinity.’ From the book Naked Chocolate by David Wolfe and Shazzie Love

As well as magnesium, raw cacao also contains some seriously blissful chemicals-literally!

Anandamide has been named for its bliss-inducing effect borrowing from Sanskrit the word Ananda meaning bliss or ecstasy.

A similar effect is brought by Theobromine, a methylxanthine akin to caffeine yet different in vital ways. It is a common misconception that the reason that cacao gives you an energy boost (and that feeling like you’ve just awoken your superpowers) is that it contains caffeine. In fact the active chemical that produces this effect is theobromine (meaning food of the Gods).


If you want to delve deeper into the science of cacao composition and benefits I recommend you acquire a copy of David Wolfe’s and Shazzie Love’s Naked Chocolate. It contains an extensive bibliography and sources for you to explore! Also check out my friend and teacher Annu Tara’s website on info on Ceremonial Chocolate and Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner Online training.